The Decade of Action

On March 2, 2010, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed a historic resolution (A/64/L.44/Rev.1) declaring 2011-2020 to be the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The Decade of Action will serve as an excellent framework in which all stakeholders - government agencies, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, corporations, and more - can work together to improve road safety both locally and globally. Read more.

ASIRT is an active member of the Global Alliance of Road Safety NGOs. With over 140 member NGOs active in more than 90 countries, the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety was founded in response to demand from NGOs worldwide for a forum where NGOs can share best practices and collectively advocate for road safety and the rights of victims of road traffic injury. Learn more.  

In 2010, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged $125 million for five years to fund road safety interventions in 10 target countries around the globe. ASIRT served as one of six partners in the project, with the goal of strengthening NGO capacity in target countries through grassroots programs. Read more about the current Bloomberg Philanthropies' road safety initiatives. 

US Congress to World Bank President: require minimum 3 star road safety

ASIRT is a member of the 3-Star Coalition which advocates for safer roads. The Coalition worked with Congress to encourage World Bank President Jim Yong Kim to ensure a minimum three star safety performance on all Bank-funded roads. Read more.

20th Anniversary Gala

Save the Date: Join ASIRT for an extraordinary event on December 5, 2016 at the beautiful Italian Embassy in Washington, DC. Information will be posted at as it becomes available. 

Traveler Resources

Road Travel Reports contain comprehensive information on road travel for 150 countries. eNewsletters are published throughout the year to provide travelers with road safety information from around the world. Read the latest issue. The Study Abroad Toolbox for the education community enables risk managers, program administrators and faculty leaders to manage road risks for their students. In our latest blog series, Bobby Gondola advises not to rent a car in Costa Rica. Read about his travels in the new "World Wanderings" posts. Other blogs include road safety tips and first-hand accounts in Viet Nam, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and other countries. 

Learn more about ASIRT partners and road safety. 

Did you know?

An unexpected road hazard in Germany occurs each spring as millions of frogs and toads begin to migrate. The amphibians make their way to breeding ponds, disregarding roadways that cross their paths. While new roads are automatically constructed with small “toad tunnels” running beneath them, older roads can become slippery with the remains of those that have been unsuccessful in their attempt to cross.

Access the Germany RTR or download reports for other countries here.

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2nd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, Brasilia

ASIRT at Brazil Conference2nd Global Ministerial Conference Brazil
Remembering those who perished in road crashes, ASIRT’s Cathy Silberman delivered remarks at the "NGO Rally For Safe Roads For All” on behalf of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and its 147 members.  

November 2015: World Day of Remembrance

Read Representative Chris Van Hollen's statement on the 20th commemoration of World Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims.


Education & Advocacy

New! The Faces of Latin America tells the heartbreaking story of victims and their families. This publication continues to capture the effect of crashes on victims and their families that was originally portrayed in "Faces Behind the Figures."

World Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims. You can still join the effort to raise awareness about road crashes and honor the victims.

Read more road safety news.

Read Rochelle Sobel's message about the importance of supporting ASIRT's road safety initiatives.



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